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-Self Help Massage for muscle knots and myofascial trigger points

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-Some nice health-related poems

-  (Very good information from Dr.



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Educators & Schools That Offer Free Information:

  • Human Anatomy Online – Laboratory dissections by Suny Downstate Medical Center.
  • Lone Star College 1 – Links to movies, animations, & tutorials.
  • Lone Star College 2 – More links to movies, animations, & tutorials.
  • The Anatomy Lesson – by Wesley Norman, Ph.D., DSc.
  • U. of Pennsylvania – Medical animation library.
  • Web Anatomy – Great set of quizzes and learning games.
  • Wisc-Online – Click on General Education >> A&P 1 & A&P 2. Animated learning objects.

Commercial Websites That Offer Free Information:

  • Anatomy Arcade – Interactive learning games & puzzles.
  • Anatomy Drill and Practice – anatomy quizzes on all body systems by John Wiley and & Sons, Inc.
  • Anatomy of the Eye – Interactive 3D eye animation with tutorials by
  • Direct Anatomy – Multilayered full-body illustrations and basic tutorials by GeckoMedia.
  • Gray’s Anatomy – Henry Gray’s 1918 illustrations by
  • Human Anatomy and – Reviewers Of human anatomy and physiology courses, books, and teaching.
  • Think Anatomy – A collection of the best anatomy resources on the internet by Vanessa Ruiz @
  • Walgreens Health Information – Many interactive tools and health information resources.
  • Winking Skull – Detailed drawings and labeling exercises by Thieme Medical Publishing.

Commercial Websites That Charge For Information:

  • Primal Pictures – Medically accurate 3D models of human anatomy for sale by
  • Visible Body – Fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model for sale by Argosy Publishing.


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